Increased Performance with upto 40% Faster Gear Shifts with AutoFlash Gearbox Tuning

Industry leading Gearbox Tuning for automatic geared vehicles, tiptronic, and paddle shift vehicles

Any Automatic Geared Vehicle

TMC AutoFlash provides engine and gearbox tuning to increase the performance and drivability of any automatic geared vehicle

Easy to Use

No PC, laptop or internet connection required, simply plug in through the vehicle diagnostic port (OBD)

upto 40% Faster Gear Shifts & Increased Engine Performance

Enhances the performance of your engine & gearbox by increasing torque limits and altering the gearbox TCU settings


Quick To Use

Plug in via your vehicles diagnostic port (OBD) and wait less than 3 minutes.


The device uploads the new settings within 30-90 seconds and will not add a count to the ECU flash counter, programming is started and completed with audible beep sounds and an LED, it is also not dealer traceable


Can be used as many times as required on the first vehicle its connected to, if the dealer flashes new software to the car during a service you can simply reuse the device again.