PowergateV3, Personal OBD programmer is the most advanced tool to reprogram the ECU found in most Automobile, Trucks, & Agricultural Vehicles

With this device you can improve performance, economy, or add/remove speed limiters by reprogramming your vehicles ECU via diagnostic port

Customise your ECU

Improve performance, increase full economy, set/remove speed limiters

Easy to Use

Simply plug-in via ODB port and the touch screen provides an intuitive step-by-step walkthrough to read & write files

Store 5 Different Files Simultaneously

The increased memory will allow up to 5 different files to be stored in the device simultaneously.


Restore ECU to Factory

The original file is stored on your PowergateV3 to allow FULL RESTORE of the ECU at any time

Transferable to your next car

PowergateV3 is transferred to your next vehicle

Hand Held Digital Display

Display TFT color 320x240px

High Specification

32bit CPU, 32MB RAM, 256MB Storage